Thursday, December 02, 2010

When Cookies Save the day!

...and this is why I keep homemade sweets and treats in my home.

I was writing a letter to a company that I found very interesting and felt its goals and purpose matched my interests perfectly.  With excitement and  all the wonder of the possibilities that could come out of this possible union, I sent a letter describing myself and telling them how wonderfully prolific and profound I am.  I went on to describe how adept I am at so many skills and software programs.  When I was finished, I was just amazed at how truly great I was.  Wow!   Feeling good about myself and all that I had accomplished, I clicked the  'send' and off it goes.  Just for fun, I opened the letter again from my 'sent' box to read about myself all over again.  This was a good letter and it described me to a tee, it was perfect.   "Wholly Crap!" "What the... it can't be."  I put my glasses on and there it was,  sitting on the page like some bird had just pooed on it, right after I had just described my innate ability to pay attention to details...there it was, staring back at me as though I had typed in bold, italicized, 24 pt font.   How could it be?  I misspelled the word electronic and with a slip of the finger spelled electroonic.  Are you even kidding me here? Why didn't the word program pick up on that?  Oh man, oh man, oh man.  Here I am in the heart of Silicon Valley and I can't even spell the very word that made this valley so famous.  I called my sister and she laughed hysterically.  She sent me voicemails all day asking for tech support on her electroonic devices.  It went on and on and on.  

I was not distraught. I felt rather pleased that I felt confident enough with my spelling ability that I did not use spell checker.  But, all the same, this is why spell checker exists. So, to ease the anxiety and reflect on my unavoidable awkward life,  I went into my freezer and took out two of my cranberry orange biscotti's and brewed a pot of earl grey tea and just let the phone ring as my sister left sinister messages asking for electroonic support.    I am still waiting to hear from them by the way...still waiting...sigh...


Coffee With... said...

Hmmm I here there our grate opportonnities in the field of electroonics!!! Wishing you good luck! ;-)

Julie and Sister said...

I see you are still at it! Gave up on the phone? Now you go after the blog? Twitter and FB are just a click away.